OT, PT, Speech, Feeding and Incontinence Therapy

We are creating the foundation for each child’s independence with physical and emotional well being.

Serving: Birth to 18

Speech Therapy


Language, articulation, feeding, and auditory processing specialists. 

Physical Therapy


Through re-patterning sensory, motor, and emotional modulation, we create the neuropathways required to be developmentally appropriate.

Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy: specializing in sleep, incontinence, feeding, sensory, and anxiety.




In home and in clinic appointments 

  • Taking C section babies through the reflexes experienced in the birthing process
  • Suck, swallow, breath reflexes for feeding
  • Feeding/reflux
  • Weighing
  • Normalizing tone during traumatic births
  • Development

Caregiver education: to build knowledge and 

skills to support your child’s developmental and 

health needs.

Primitive Reflex Integration: facilitation of the 

maturation and development of visual, auditory, 

tactile, oral, and primary movement patterns.

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Students/Volunteer Hours

Please pick up the phone and call the clinic for any shadow/volunteer hours.  (509) 701-7651